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Popcorn Concession Rentals

$75 $82.5

Popcorn machine rental is the best way to delight your guest with a delicious snack. In only 5 minutes will pop batch after batch of delicious, tasty popcorn. The tempered glass windows are safe and durable, while the lighted interior maintains warmth and creates a fun and pleasant room ambiance that is perfect for any room.

Everybody loves good popcorn, and this concession machine rental is the best way to do it. House of Party Rentals has a unique model in all of Miami Dade areas. Our vintage popcorn machine cart not only will look beautiful at your celebration, but you will also have the best flavor in town.

So, don’t wait too long and book your popcorn machine rental today with us!

House of Party Rentals understands that creating a successful event requires more than the right party products. It is the service behind our party rental service company that ensures the planning, delivery and pickup will all run smoothly to ensure you get the party of your dreams.
We are committed to delivering exceptional service for this reason we want to show you all the details that you must take into account for the rental of this product:

  • The concession rental include 70 services
  • Attendant is not included
  • A standard 120V outlet is required
  • Easy to use, no previous professional experience is necessary
  • Must be operated by adult
  • Inspected, cleaned, and sanitized before each rental
  • Delivery is not included
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La maquina de popcorn está como nueva y prepara unas palomitas deliciosas

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The popcorn concession rental in Miami exceeded my expectations. The popcorn was fresh, hot, and had that authentic movie theater taste. The setup was professional, and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. I would definitely book them again for my next event!

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Best popcorn rental machine in Miami

Knows the benefits of our popcorn concession rental:

  • Large capacity: holds up to 40 bags of popcorn at the same time, making this perfect for birthday parties and other big events!

  •  Easy to use:  put the seed bag inside the stainless steel kettle, turn on the switch, wait until the machine finished the pop process, turn off the switch, serve, and enjoy your delicious popcorn.

  • Lighted interior: keep your popcorn warm with our interior light bulb, and for easy viewing and room ambiance.

  • Professional design: modeled after the antique popcorn carts of the early 1900s, this popcorn-making beauty features a 10-ounce kettle with a built-in stirring system and will pop batch after batch of delicious popcorn.

  • Services included: Includes a plastic scoop, 70 paper bags, and seed with oil bags.

Discover how to use our Popcorn Concession Rentals in simple steps!