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Petting Zoo Rentals

$280 $308

Petting zoos are the best entertainment for animal lovers. Kids can pet and play with these cuddly animals, take pictures, and even feed them.

Our petting zoo includes a variety of beautiful and well care animals (between 15 to 20) an attendant and food to feed the animals. Among the animals, we have pigs, baby ducklings, ducks, baby goats, Geese, Bunnies, baby chicks, and more, hens, roosters, and more. And if you want to add extra to your petting zoo don’t forget to ask about our lovely donkey.

Our mobile Petting Zoo can go to your home, school, park, church or wherever your event is, you just need to provide a shady area for the animals, or we can bring our own tent with extra cost.

Combine your petting zoo with our pony ride and your kids will have the best party of their lives!

House of Party Rentals understands that creating a successful event requires more than the right party products. It is the service behind our party rental service company that ensures the planning, delivery and pickup will all run smoothly to ensure you get the party of your dreams.
We are committed to delivering exceptional service for this reason we want to show you all the details that you must take into account for the rental of this product:

  • Inspected, cleaned, and sanitized before each rental
  • Professional and respectful service
  • Shady area required
  • Grass area required
  • 15-20 farm animals
  • Food included
  • Insured and licensed
  • Attendant included
  • Delivery included

Why Hire Party Entertainment with us at your next party?

We care that you feel comfortable booking with us. We treat you and your guest like family. We have all in one place for your party or event. We provide:

  • Professional service.

  • Lots of fun, love, and laughs.

  • Unique and personalized treatment.

  • Well-care and clean animals.

Our Party Entertainments are a hit for any event, children will have the best entertainment and unforgettable experience.