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Cotton Candy Concession Rentals

$75 $82.5

In House of Party Rentals, we have the best cotton candy rental machine. Is designed to provide commercial-grade quality and performance wherever you need it. This cotton candy machine offers excellent functionality, resulting in deliciously fun cotton candy clouds. The large stainless steel bowl looks great but also keeps the working area safe. Is a perfect choice for your event.

Our beautiful vintage cotton candy cart makes it easy to create fun, fluffy, and delicious cotton candy.

Concession machine rentals are perfect for churches, schools, fundraisers,  birthday parties, corporate events, and anyone else looking to make cotton candy quickly and efficiently. 

House of Party Rentals understands that creating a successful event requires more than the right party products. It is the service behind our party rental service company that ensures the planning, delivery and pickup will all run smoothly to ensure you get the party of your dreams.
We are committed to delivering exceptional service for this reason we want to show you all the details that you must take into account for the rental of this product:

  • The concession rental include 70 services
  • Attendant is not included
  • A standard 120V outlet is required
  • Easy to use, no previous professional experience is necessary
  • Must be operated by adult
  • Inspected, cleaned, and sanitized before each rental
  • Choose 1 sugar flavor (Pink vanilla, Bubble gum, Blue raspberry, Grape)
  • Delivery is not included
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Amazing cotton candy concession rental service! The cotton candy was a sugary sensation that brought joy to everyone. The flavors were incredible, and the quality was outstanding. The setup was visually appealing, and the staff was attentive and friendly. A sweet addition to any Miami event!

Know the benefits of our cotton candy concession machine?

  • Flossing sugar: Unique extractor head allows you to use traditional flossing sugar to make delicious, carnival-style cotton candy, perfect for birthday parties and other events.

  •  Fast and efficient: our cotton candy machine gets the job done without wasting any time. So whether you have a line of excited kids waiting for their cotton candy or you want a crowd-pleasing treat at your next party, this machine whips up one cotton candy cone every 30 seconds in its large 20-inch stainless steel bowl.

  • Easy use: heat up the unit, add your flossing sugar, and enjoy your cotton candy in just 30 seconds!

  • Professional design: our cotton candy cart has a vintage look that features heating and power switches, durable metal construction, and 13-inch spoked rubber wheels with pull handles for easy mobility.

  • Services included: Includes a metal scoop, 1 sugar flavor, and 70 paper cones.

Discover how to use our Cotton Candy Concession Rentals in simple steps!