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Cooler Concession Rentals

$40 $44

Coolers are essential in any event. No matter if a house gathering, birthday party or corporate event you will always need to keep cold your drinks.  Food and drinks stay chilled longer with our 120Qt Hard Chest Cooler, 38 in, which Keeps the ice during the party. Not to worry, cup holders built into the lid will keep your drink close and prevent spills. With room to fit up to 204 cans, go ahead, and invite more friends and family to barbecues, parties, or events.

Our Big Cooler is perfect because is clean and has a large capacity for your drinks, ice, or even food. Do not hesitate to ask for him when planning your party.

House of Party Rentals understands that creating a successful event requires more than the right party products. It is the service behind our party rental service company that ensures the planning, delivery and pickup will all run smoothly to ensure you get the party of your dreams.
We are committed to delivering exceptional service for this reason we want to show you all the details that you must take into account for the rental of this product:

  • Delivery is not included
  • All weather

Know the features of our cooler rental

  • Holds up to 204 cans.

  • A fully insulated lid and body Keep the Ice during the party.

  •  The lid supports up to 250 lb.

  • Recessed lip on lid for easier access to contents.